Introduction To Green Gobbler Enzyme Drain Cleaner

Drain Opening Pacs - 3 Pac Canister

This brand sells drain cleaning products and was bought by the PurposeBuilt Brands company in 2020. There are a couple versions of Green Gobbler. I will be focusing on the “Drain Opening Powder Pacs” product which is a powder mixture stored in a green, plastic pack.

This powder is bio-degradeable and is safe to use on pipes and drains. This will help reduce repair costs for pipes in the future.

According to a Harvard business review study, there is an increase in consumer interest in sustainable brands. Having sustainability promotes trust which leads to the younger generations more likely to spend more money on those brands. I am also interested in sustainability because I do not want to over use the resources of the environment or increase pollution.

How Green Gobbler Stands Out in the Eco-Cleaning Market

The product uses enzymes from bacteria and surfactants to break down clogged grease in the pipes.

The product was found to be “safe formulation” and “non-corrosive” by the National Adverting Division. It basically means it should not damage your pipes when compared to caustic/acidic products.

Green Gobbler is versatile in that it can effectively turn hair, organic material, and paper into liquid. It will not work on objects like plastic toys stuck in the pipes.

Green Gobbler - safe uses

My Personal Experience with Green Gobbler

My father recommended I try to use Green Gobbler. I had experience using other drain cleaning products like Drano from the past, but I did not have much success when trying to clear clogs in the pipes underneath the kitchen sink. I also searched on Amazon for the product and checked the reviews. There are a lot of people using this product to clear clogs in their pipes. I have bought the Drain Clog Dissolver and the Drain Clog Remover Powder. I will be focusing on reviewing the Drain Clog Remover Powder product.

Pour Green Gobbler powder down sink drain

You can basically follow the directions included in the product. It’s not hard to follow and is easy to use. There might be a weird odor when pouring down the powder, which is normal. I usually turn my kitchen fans to ventilate the odor. Make sure to remove any filters you may have on top of the kitchen sink drain.

  • Open and pour the contents down the sink.
    • You may need to wipe away some powder to prevent discoloring of the area around the sink hole.
  • Make sure you pour 2 cups of hot water down to activate the powder.
  • Wait 15-30 minutes.
  • Run hot water in the sink for 5 minutes.

After using the Green Gobbler product, I can usually run the water down the kitchen sink with less water coming back up and flooding the sink. I noticed that water flow is smoother / less water coming back up when using cold water versus hot water. I am not sure why cold water works better. I would recommend this product to help clear small clogs in the pipes which will allow the water to flow down the sink more smoothly.


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