The Spigen Pixel 7 Pro Case Review

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Spigen makes accessories for the latest gadget technologies. These include cables, charges, USB hubs, and phone cases to protect these gadgets.

The name “Spigen” is derived from German words “spigel” meaning mirror and “gen” meaning gene.


They were established in 2007 in Los Angeles and they have protected “millions” of phones globally. It’s always good to have a case to protect your phone in case you drop it, preventing costly damages leading to expensive repairs. This will help extend the life of the phone as long as possible by preventing scratches/screen cracks which in turn can help you sell the phone at a higher resale value.

There are many kinds of Spigen phone cases available for the Pixel 7 Pro. There are minimalist cases like the Liquid Air which is made of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which help reduce the bulkiness feel of the phone. I personally chose this case for my Pixel phone because it’s the lightest case while offering some protection. It gives the phone a slim profile. There are more tougher cases available like the Tough Armor case which provides a high level of protection against dropping the phone. It has a small kickstand to allow the user to view content on the phone without the need to hold it their hands. It’s more thicker than the Liquid Air case, but it has more layers which give the phone more protection. This article will focus on the Liquid Air case.


Design and Aesthetics: A Closer Look

The Spigen Liquid Air Case for the Pixel phone has triangle shaped designs on the case surface and textured sides which allows for a good grip. It feels solid and not slippery when holding it in your hands. It has a very slim profile and adds only “.07” of depth. The case is available in two colors: Matte Black and Navy Blue. There is an opening slot for the camera in the back of the case and a small tunnel opening on the top of the case to amplify the sounds coming from the speaker.



Protection and Durability: The Spigen Advantage

The Spigen Liquid Air Case was designed to have “air cushion” technology to help absorb any impact to your Pixel phone if it was ever dropped. It is certified to MIL-STD 810G-516.6 Miltary grade which means it meets military standard for durability and to withstand shock, rain, sand, etc.


Compatibility and User Experience

The USB-C ports are accessible and you can still feel the power and volume buttons through the case layer. Screen protectors and mounting the phone still works with the Pixel phone, even as the phone is inside the case. I mounted the phone on a phone stand and it works just fine.

Phone Stand
I placed my phone in the grip/handle of the phone stand with the Spigen phone case and it fits fine.

The overall reviews for the Spigen phone cases on Amazon are generally good. The “average” customer review rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars out of 3,050 global ratings. Here are some review examples:

I’ve have this same case for my last 4 phones. It fits perfectly, has grippy texture, is thin and low profile and does a great job protecting it from drops. Highly recommend!

The Pixel 7 Pro case is low-profile, fits perfectly, feels good in your hand and the texture allows you to hold it securely. I love that Spigen cases allows the side buttons to feel and function as they do without a case. … In my experience, Spigen has the best cases for Pixel phones and the best value.


After using the Spigen Liquid Air Case for two years, I think it’s a good case for your Pixel 7 phone. It’s slim profile and light weight gives the phone a slick feel to it. It allows for a good grip the phone and the buttons are responsive when pushed. The case has no noticeable wear and tear and is still in good quality. The sounds and call quality is still good. The shapes on the surface of the case gives it a unique design. The only downside is it may not protect the phone as well as the Tough Armor cases if it’s dropped frequently. The price is within range when compared to other brands. If you want a phone case that a slim profile and provides some protection, the Spigen Liquid Air Case is a good choice for your Pixel phone.




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