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Hello! How are you doing? I’m Chris, and welcome to my site called Blue Moon Reviews. This website is mainly about finding enough information about a product so that you can make a informed decision as to whether or not this product is right for you. This website is essentially a review blog that covers any range of products that I actually use — from home kitchen care products to video games. I will give you my best take the products that I write about on this web site. I could also talk about various topics like how technology can affect our lives in order to provide you with a broader perspective.


My Background

I have educational degrees in fields of Biology and Computer Science. Studying in the field of Biology helps me understand how the different life processes in our world works like the natural evolution of plants and animals. This provides me with confidence to talk about topics in this diverse field and to give you, the readers, a more informed perspective.
I searched and shopped on many online websites such as Best Buy or Amazon for products. Since I enjoy playing video games, I would compare prices and reviews of the video games before buying them from online retailers like Best Buy or Amazon. After doing this process for many years, I can help provide you the information and insight to buy any online products that fits your needs.
I played video games since I was a young kid on many games systems, from the original Nintendo gaming system to the current generation of gaming systems like the PlayStation 5. I understand how the games work and how to play them effectively, while still having some fun. I played many different kinds of video games, ranging from racing games to adventure games. Exploring the open world in adventure games and discovering what is on the horizon brings me joy and excitement of what I will discover next and encounter in this world.

Every time I watch a movie and/or television show, I look forward to how the story unfolds with the characters over the course of the series. The genres that I am interested in watching are action, science-fiction, comic books.
Staying healthy and in shape is important to me. I enjoy running on the treadmills and perform daily stretching as a exercise routine.


I hope that you find the review content on this website to be useful to you in your future decisions. Thank you for taking the time to read my content!


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