Natracure Universal Cold Pack Ice Wrap Review

Welcome, please allow me (Chris) to give you some background information about this product. Natracure sells a lot products that are related to healing injuries using hot and/or cold packs. They have been in business for 20 years and the products are made in the USA.

After visiting the company’s website, it looks like it was featured on BuzzFeed and the Today show. They have a blog that gives some tips about good diet and health.

This product comes with an ice pack and a pouch with an attached Velcro strap. The ice pack can be inserted into the pouch and this can wrapped around most body parts like the limbs using the stretchable Velcro strap. This is a feature that helps it set it apart from other products.

NatraCure Ice Wrap Feature

The pouch and the ice pack have good build quality. There are no holes or loose fabric. The pouch can hold the included ice pack or you can use any other ice pack that can fit inside. There is a Velcro opening to seal/unseal the ice pack into the pouch. The Velcro strap attached to the pouch is stretchable and can hold the ice pack pouch on most areas around the body, including the arms and legs.

My personal experience using this product is good so far. I have used this product on my bruised knee for a few weeks. It helped to keep the area cold and reduced the pain. I can freely use both my arms, without having one hand to hold the product in place.

Bruised Knee with ice wrap


Functionality and Performance: A User’s Perspective

The versatility of the Natracure ice wrap — can be used on various body parts including:

Ice wrap strap around elbow

Arms and Legs

Feet and Legs

Upper Body

The cold ice pack is effective at maintaining coldness for a period and can help heal bruises. It helped to reduce pain to my bruised knee. If the ice pack was too cold, I would put a paper towel between the pouch and my bruised area.

The strap design provides the convenience of having your arms free to do other tasks, without having to hold the ice pack. The strap design can hold the ice pack pouch to almost any area of the body.

However, the pouch did slip away from the area when I started to walk around the house. The strap can be adjusted so the grip can be tighter or looser depending your comfortably around the injured area.


Healing with Comfort: Analyzing the Usability of the Ice Wrap

The product is comfortable to use around your body. Please be mindful that it is not strapped to strongly to any body area. You can use a paper towel to place between the pouch and the affected area if the pack is too cold.

The ice pack and pouch can be removed easily by adjusting the Velcro strap. The strap might be a bit long so you may need to slowly unwrap/wrap the strap from the area.

The advertised time of the ice pack staying cold is 30 minutes. It stayed colder a bit longer (10-15 minutes more) from my personal experience. The duration of cold was adequate for me.

You can clean the ice pack with a moist towel. The ice pack can be left in the freezer. The pouch with the strap can be kept anywhere. So far, there is no maintenance needed for this product.


Final Thoughts: Weighing the Pros and Cons

The pouch and strap are tightly bound, so it has not broke apart yet. I am not sure of the effectiveness for the long term because I only used it for a few weeks. I noticed some small treads coming out from the pouch.

The price is consistence with other ice pack pouches offered on the Amazon website. It’s about $15 to $20 so it’s an okay price. The pouch with the strap is a nice benefit and makes it worthy of the price.

This product is suitable for helping to reduce pain and heal injuries around the body. If you want to be able to have freedom of movement, to use your arms for other tasks like eating dinner without having your hands holding the ice pack, this is a good product to use for those situations.

After using the product for several weeks, I would recommend the NatraCure Universal Cold Pack Ice Wrap if you need to heal injuries using cold therapy. The pouch with the Velcro strap enables more freedom for users to do other tasks while the injured area is healing.

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